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Meet Anastasia

We had a real ball spending the day with her, telling ghost stories and coaching her in the art of “angry schoolgirl” modeling. Take it away Ana…

  • Hi, my name is: Anastasia
  • I am from: Moscow
  • My favorite movie is: Fight Club
  • My favorite book is: The Picture of Dorian Gray
  • I really love when: It's raining
  • I really hate when: I have to wake up early on Monday
  • Please buy me a: Pack of marshmallows
  • The last time I laughed hysterically was: yesterday
  • When I grow up I want to be: A grown up model
  • If I wasn't a model, I would be: an actress
  • I had fun doing this shoot because: the team was great

Meet Julia Pott

I met Julia just this year when she did all of the illustrations for our FW14 video and also played herself in it. Julia is one of those wildly magnetic people who just seems to have magic shooting out of her every pore. I would personally find a person highly questionable should they meet Julia Pott and not immediately pursue a friendship. Julia is a dynamite animator and animation director. Here are some other things about her that tickle me:

  • Other things I love about Julia :
  • – She quotes the movie 'My Girl' at least once a day.
  • – She is a self proclaimed "terrible but enthusiastic dancer".
  • – Swimming is her favorite thing.
  • – She is british.
  • – When she was younger she used to pull out her hair and eat it. She was bald on the right side of her head until she was 5.
  • – As a child, when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she would say in all seriousness 'a balloon'.
  • – She watches season 1 - 3 of The OC once a year.
  • – She used to be in a witch group with her 3 best friends and they would ask the ouiji board which boys at school had a crush on them.
  • – She is boy crazy.

Meet Katherine Bernard

Katherine is a remarkable person. She is also a sensational writer and contributes to smart publications like Vogue and The Paris Review and is the founder and editor of Henry Review. Katherine is deeply thoughtful and insightful and the first time we met, we sat in the corner of a dance party discussing the meaning of life and death for hours.

  • Other things I love about Katherine:
  • – She has one of my favorite haircuts of all time and is, I recently learned, proficient in braiding hair.
  • – Loves ASAP Rocky.
  • – She made the first solid case for observing Yom Kippur that I have heard in years (you will have to ask her)
  • – She puts a lot of thought and planning into her emoji use.
  • – She thinks silly things are funny.

Meet Stacy Reader

Meet Stacy Reader! Stacy is one of my best friends and an all around exceptional person. She is the Manager of Concerts & Ticketing at The Madison Square Garden Company and has a Jerry Mcguire level work ethic. She lives near me on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and we typically see each other a minimum of three times a week. She recently got a drastic haircut to rave reviews. She has Synesthesia and sees me as Purple and herself as Pink. She is a twin and had a Bnai mitzvah (bar mitzvah for two) themed "Life's a Beach" in Florida full of sand, goldfish & the band Heart to Heart.

  • Here are some things I love about Stacy:
  • – She is very honest. She will always tell you the truth.
  • – She LOVES going to movies. (specifically the popcorn element)
  • – She has an appreciation for all things silly
  • – She will make prank calls with you (see above.)
  • – She has been known to frequent hibachi restaurants.
  • – She is smart, thoughtful, and loyal.
  • – She has read the entirety of the Babysitters Club Collection as well as seen the movie AND TV show. She wears a necklace engraved with the name McGill (BSC reference) that I once got her for her birthday.
  • – We both have a hard time getting up in the morning.
  • – She is, at times, prone to bouts of acute FOMO.

Stacy is one of the people I think of as the quintessential RA girl; confident, smart, silly and dresses for herself. I am always proud to have her in RA.